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Winter Lawn Watering

This past summer, our lawns looked like the dead of winter, and now they look like it is springtime. Watering grass in the unpredictable Texas climate can be tricky. Here are some tips for turfgrass success. Unless there is a hard freeze, there is no magic date to shut off your irrigation system. Every living thing, including your grass, needs to be hydrated. Proper irrigation during winter promotes healthy grass growth in spring. Over the past few years, the South Texas coastal areas have experienced hard freezing temperatures. Stay weather aware and monitor ambient temperatures, wind, and precipitation, and then make the proper adjustments to your watering schedule.

  • In the absence of normal rainfall, water your lawn when the outside temperature is at or above 40 degrees.
  • Water early during the day so the grass can absorb as much moisture as possible before nightfall.
  • After a drought, hydrate your lawn to recharge the root zone.
  • If you're expecting a period of rain, reduce your lawn's water intake. 
  • If you’re expecting a freeze, water your yard 24 hours beforehand. 
  • Water acts as an insulator, protecting roots and plant parts from freezing.
  • Never water when the ground is frozen, and avoid walking on frozen grass to prevent damage. 
  • Soil temperature maps are a handy reference tool to determine when it is safe to water.
  • Keep in mind that dry soil is colder than moist soil.

- Lauri Neelley, Landscape and Turf Specialist  

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