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As our lawns and outdoor plants go dormant, we tend to focus more on our container house plants. At Nelson Plant Food, we've got your indoor plants covered with our reliable NutriStar Indoor Plant Food. Made right here in Texas, it's the secret sauce for keeping your indoor plants happy year-round. Safe for use indoors with no bad smell, this granular fertilizer is a great option for you and your customers. We have some exciting new additions on the horizon this spring. Introducing ColorStar for Water Lilies! We pelletized our successful ColorStar formula to aid in the growth of colored plants in the aquatic space. Also, meet Genesis Transplant Mix, part of the NutriStar line and your new transplanting aid. We combined our best ingredients to feed the soil and help introduce your plant to its new environment. Stay tuned for these game-changers – because at Nelson Plant Food, we're all about innovating with new formulas and making plant care effective!

- Shelby Dovzak, Retail Specialist Texas Gulf Coast Area

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