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The Story of ColorStar

Mike Hugg is the reason that ColorStar exists.  Back in 1986, Dean was making and selling turf fertilizer to Mike, who was the maintenance director for a large development in Houston.  Mike had won more national awards in landscaping than anybody else.

One day, Mike called Dean up and asked him to make some fertilizer for his pansies.  Dean met with Mike to get his ideas on what to include in the fertilizer.  Mike said "It needs to be a 19-13-6".  After that, Dean went to his office and had a sales meeting with his entire staff (which was.....just Dean).  He sat down with his calculator and his ingredient list and
came up with a formula.

Dean delivered two tons of 19-13-6 to Mike to put on his pansies on Gessner Road in Houston.  Within a month, Dean started getting phone calls from landscapers all over Houston.  Their question was, "What did you make for Mike Hugg and his pansies?".  Dean told them "19-13-6".  They all wanted him to make some for them.

It wasn't until two years later that our salesperson at the time, Jay Cannon, started calling it ColorStar.  Dean hated the name, but went with it anyway since he had already been making NutriStar Tree and Shrub for about a year.

The rest, they say, is history.  We have not changed the formula from that first batch.

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