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Growers services and products

Browse through the range of different packages available for your growing needs and select the best one. Still didn’t find what you need? Don’t worry! We mix custom blends. Our custom formulations are based on your nursery's water, soil mix, crop residencies, and crop requirements, our custom-blend packages can meet your unique growing needs for a very reasonable price. Connect with us today to schedule a consultation. We’ll ensure your crops get the right nutrients and supplements to produce outstanding results.

Here’s what we can do for you

We provide a full range of testing, products, and support services for professional growers, including:
- Water analysis
- Soil/media analysis
- Tissue analysis
- Fertility program reviews
- Fertilizer samples for field trials

Proven to be Effective

Our services can assist you in identifying any current fertility issues or can be utilized during the planning stages of a new or revised fertility program. Our team will collaborate with you to reduce water usage, weed growth, disease, and insect damage while ensuring your plants receive the necessary micronutrients and safeguarding your company's horticultural investments. We have an experienced staff who is ready to help you in whatever way is needed. Contact us today to begin a fertility program that caters to your specific growing requirements, including personalized fertilizer products.

Some of our grower products


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