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Elevate your yield, lower your costs

Our premium products are trusted by growers across the U.S. for enhancing yields with the right nutrients and supplements to sustain productive efforts. We support professional growers in achieving high yields through a series of tests, products, and support services. We offer an abundance of resources to achieve optimal results.


Searching for better outcomes with your clients’ plant and turf performance?

Professional landscapers rely on Nelson Plant Food to maximize client success. Our range of products target issues fast and efficiently for satisfying results. Our team of soil experts provide individualized testing to determine what your plants and turf really need. We work with you to develop a customized blend of fertilizers that nourish your plant or turf objectives from project to project.

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Our experienced team is here to listen to your concerns, provide personalized solutions, and guide you towards success. Book a consultation with us to take the first step towards unlocking your soil’s full potential.

Our Story

Welcome to Nelson Plant Food

We are a group of believers and innovators in pursuit of better nutrient efficiency. Since 1983, Nelson Plant Food has revolutionized the fertilizer and plant food industry by providing businesses and consumers with custom blend solutions. Today, our variety of products and services remain a valued part of fertility programs across the nation.

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What people say about us

I have been using Color Star and Nutri Star products my whole gardening career and there is nothing like them for all your species specific feeding needs. And I love that the Star is scented like flowers:-) I started using the Turf Star products last year and am blown away by the results!! All our employees can sell the Nelsons plant food line of products with 100% confidence in the results that the customers will have

Sherri Harrah, Plants For All Seasons

6 month ago

We love using Nelson Plant Food on our Garden at home. We see almost next day results. Our plants just look happy and produce huge amounts of fruits and vegetables!

Ashley Magliaro, Sienna Mulch

6 month ago

You guys get a 5 stars rating for customer service!  These days it is hard to find that type of customer service and as a consumer that is definitely appreciated.  Thank you again for all your assistance.

Norm Bieger

July 26, 2023

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