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Growers Corner - Winter Hints and Reminders

Winter protection, budgeting, and labor planning are complete, leaving just a few minutes of
downtime before spring. It’s always a good time to do some future planning and scheduling of some activities to get done before the gates of spring burst wide open, and there is little time for anything else but to assemble, load, and ship! I‘m listing a few things that might be worth scheduling if you do not already have them on your list. 

  • Winter shifting, potting, canning, or whatever the proper term is now.
  • Winter weeding and preemergent applications
  • Scheduling purchases needed for the first 1-3 months of the year of chemicals, fertilizers, pots, stakes, parts, etc.
  • Any unfinished pruning or staking
  • Pump, filter, well maintenance, and other equipment repair and maintenance
  • Some uninterrupted time with those whom you love.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year holiday! See you next year!

- Danny Dudoich, Grower Specialist

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