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Water, Water, Water!

Water is the most critical growing input for growers during the summer months. These hot and dry days can be unforgiving when your crops are not getting the water they need to tolerate these extreme summer conditions. Here are a few helpful watering hints:

  • Check your drip lines for leaks and fan tips for calcium build-ups and clogged tubing.
  • If Mother Nature does not provide some needed rain weekly, shorten your intervals or lengthen your running times.
  • Ensure you are watering your container plants to the point that water flows out of the drain holes. This will help in preventing salt buildup from your fertilizers.
  • Perform a salt leach, watering one cycle 25-50% more every week, if you are not getting any help from Mother Nature.
  • Regularly test your media’s Electrical Conductivity (EC) with a hand-held EC meter and use the Pour Thru Method. It’s quick and easy, to monitor your EC levels.
  • If you notice marginal burning on your leaf tips, usually your salt concentrations are too high. Flush your media immediately with water that has a low salt content.

Keep hydrated and happy! Well, I was referring to your plants. Just think, the Fall is right around the corner. Ok, maybe that was a stretch!

-Danny Dudoich, Grower Specialist

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