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Summer Fertilization

Although it is summertime, there is still plenty to fertilize to keep your plants and flowers happy and healthy. Here are a few helpful tips for summer fertilization:

  • For our organic gardeners: generally feed your plants with NatureStar All Purpose Organic or specialize with NatureStar Organic Tomato and Vegetable Garden in your edible landscapes. We also have NatureStar Tree & Shrub for your woody plants that you want to keep on an organic feeding schedule
  • Now is the perfect time for ColorStar for all of your flowering plants, with 5 sources of nitrogen to ensure a proper release of nutrients.
  • For more specific flowering plants, feed your tropicals monthly with our NutriStar Bougainvillea and NutriStar Hibiscus. Azaleas like our acidic blend every 2 months. It's also Plumeria season, so feed them every 2 weeks until they finish growing for immaculate blooms.
  • Take care of those trees! Keep your trees fed every 2-3 months with NutriStar Crape Myrtle, NutriStar Palm, and NutriStar Tree and Shrub
  • Fruit and nut trees can be fed every 3 months with our NutriStar Citrus, Fruit, and Avocado blend.
  • It's always rose season, so keep those roses fed monthly throughout the summer.
  • If you have an established lawn, TurfStar Slow 'n Easy is the perfect blend to keep your grass fed throughout the summer heat without burn. Use TurfStar Bruce's Brew to ensure proper root-to-tip development for starter lawns, then jump on the TurfStar schedule to keep your grass healthy.

-Shelby Dovzak, Retail Specialist Texas Gulf Coast Area

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