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Meet the Newest Addition to our Team - Dan Graham

I'm thrilled to introduce myself as the newest Nelson Plant Food family addition! With seven years of experience in the green industry, I couldn't be more excited to embark on this journey with such a reputable company. What drew me to Nelson Plant Food? Two things stand out: the people and the products. Dean Nelson, our founder and owner, leads with passion and expertise. His hands-on approach and willingness to share knowledge create a culture where every team member feels valued and empowered. It truly feels like one big family here—a rarity in today's business world. Everyone works together with a common goal!! And let's talk about the products. Nelson Plant Food hasn’t just earned industry respect, they have grown it with the fertilizers they make. We manufacture our products, ensuring that only the finest ingredients go into our fertilizers. Whether it's ColorStar, NutriStar Tree & Shrub, or TurfStar Slow ‘n Easy, our products are proven winners that consistently deliver exceptional results for our customers. We also maintain the ability to custom blend fertilizer which is a game changer! At Nelson Plant Food, we understand that not all soil, plants, or goals are the same. That's why we're proud to offer tailor-made fertilizer blends designed to meet your specific needs—giving you exactly what you need, and nothing more. Why choose custom-blended fertilizers? Here are just a few benefits. First, you will get an optimized nutrient balance. Our custom blends are formulated to provide your plants with the precise nutrients they require for healthy growth 

and vibrant blooms. Next, we have improved plant health. By tailoring your fertilizer to your plant's unique requirements, you can promote stronger roots, increased disease resistance, and overall better plant health. Lastly, we offer cost-effective solutions. With custom blends, you're investing in targeted solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize waste. Whether you're a landscaper, grower, or golf course superintendent, our team is here to help you create the perfect fertilizer blend for your unique situation! As the new Business Development Manager, I'll be reaching out to landscaping companies, growers, golf courses, municipalities, and school districts all across Texas. I can't wait to connect with all of you and discuss how Nelson Plant Food can help you achieve your green goals.

In the meantime, don't forget to feed your plants—they're hungry!!!

- Dan Graham, Business Development Manager

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