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Pursuing Our Dream

I was out of money. Period. No rent money, no food money, no utility money. I had a wife and a 20-month-old daughter, and my wife was expecting in two months. How did this happen? After getting fired in August of 1983 from my job operating two rice dryers in Katy, I borrowed $10,000 from Katy National Bank so that we could pay our living expenses until my loans came in for our new business. None of the banks were showing any signs of agreeing to the loans. I needed to send a $4,000 down payment by November 1st to get the blender made and delivered in time to install it and blend fertilizer for the spring season. In late October, I faced a difficult decision - whether to spend my last dollar on our dream or save it for essential expenses. I decided to take a risk and spend the money, knowing we would have enough money left for about a month of food. I hoped the utility company would give us some time before disconnecting our electricity and that my landlord would not evict us. So, I went “all in” as they say in poker. I distinctly remember writing that check and putting it in the mailbox, leaving it all up to God and His plan for us. I guess you can say that it all worked out!!! What did I learn? Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams.

- Dean Nelson, Founder and Co-Owner

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