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Spring Is Here!

As we embark on a vibrant gardening season, we are thrilled to be out in the gardens with all of our clients. While you’re familiar with our renowned ColorStar formula, we invite you to explore our other bestsellers from our NutriStar line that have been gaining accolades over the years for their exceptional results this spring. Azaleas and other acid-loving plants love our NutriStar Azalea blend with two sources of iron and four acidifiers to ensure consistency. NutriStar Citrus, Fruit, and Avocado is designed to nurture and enhance the development of your fruiting trees by supplying a balanced formula with macro- and micronutrients. Our NutriStar Bougainvillea mix is a beloved product that produces a burst of vibrant blooms wherever your plants grow. In addition to these floral favorites, our TurfStar line has been gaining success with Weed-inator and Bruce’s Brew as your top choices this spring for lawn care. TurfStar Weed-inator features the unparalleled technology of a post-emergent herbicide and growth regulator to keep the unwanted plants in your lawn at bay. Both blends also provide adequate nutrition to your grass for up to six months through five different sources of nitrogen. If you have any questions about our top-notch blends, please contact your NPF representative. Happy gardening!

- Shelby Dovzak, Texas Gulf Coast Retail Specialist

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