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Bougainvillea Fertilizer - Outdoor and Indoor Plant Fertilizer

size: 2 lb. Jar


About Nutristar Bougainvillea and Flowering Vine Food

NutriStar Bougainvillea and Flowering Vine Food is a granular fertilizer formulated to feed bougainvilleas and flowering vines. It contains four sources of nitrogen, epsom salt, and a low-salt potassium to promote healthy growth and bloom production. Our slow release nitrogen allows homeowners to feed their plants every 14 days till blooming begins. Once blooming begins, switch to feeding your plants once a month! Our added sulfur and gypsum helps create acidic soil to improve overall soil structure around the roots!

For Bougainvillea Vines And More!

This bougainvillea plant food can also be applied to allamanda, coral vines, dipladenia, honeysuckles, jessamines, mandevilla, passion vines, queen anne's lace, trumpet vines, and wisteria vines. This fertilizer also comes in 4 sizes; 2lb, 4lb, 15lb, and 25lb.

The Perfect Fertilizer For Homeowners!

Managing plants has never bee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 154 reviews
Patrick Peranteau
The Best Bougainvillea Food on the market, Hands down!

Thank you for your prompt, personal service. It's refreshing in these fast & crazy times. Your website is well made and easy to use, and your packing and shipping is done with a touch of TLC. Thank you. I'll be back. Patrick Peranteau

Carolyn Ethel
Best on the Market

I have used this product before with great results. Have tried several other brands so that I would not have to order but they were not as good. Decided to order from you guys again. Wish I could find your products in the Dallas area. Excited to see my plants bloom this summer.

Newbee Planter
Add Instruction on how much to use!

Add Instruction on how much to use!

Works beautifully

This fertilizer works wonders. Keeps my plants blossoming. I’ve tried a lot of other fertilizer but this works the best so far.

Catherine J. Colangelo
Used to help hurricane damage

This food helped me save a 40year old bougainvillea. Very pleased. Will buy again!

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