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size: 1 lb. Bag


About ColorStar

Nelson Plant Foods’ ColorStar is a premium flower fertilizer designed to increase bloom production and plant health. Packed with multiple essential nutrients, ColorStar has everything plants need for the very best results! Plants treated with our fertilizer not only have more blooms, but bigger and more robust blooms all season long.

Use ColorStar as a house plant food that feeds plants for 4 to 5 months with only a single application, enabling you to feed your plants less often! This granular all-purpose fertilizer is perfect for both indoor and outdoor plants. Use ColorStar on annuals, perennials, bulbs, flowering shrubs, and just about any other flowering plant in your garden or home.

As landscapers’ top choice since 1983, ColorStar contains 5 sources of nitrogen, each of which has a different time release characteristic, to ensure that this garden fertilizer offers continuous resources.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Jerrie Boyle
Review of Nelson Plant food

Excellent product, easy to apply and I have had amazing blooms on some perennials that didnt bloom at all last year

Stacy McAfee
Works really well

Bought this to help my flowering plants but I’m most impressed with how well it’s helped my elephant ears since they seemed stunted the last couple of years! Yay!

Eileen Coogan


Elizabeth Browder
BEST fertilizer I know of for enhancing bloom!!

My title says it all! This is my all time favorite spring fertilizer for flowering plants.

Paula V
Love this fertilizer on my hydrangea

Love love this fertilizer

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