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TurfStar Bruce's Brew


Bruce's Brew is your ideal, year-round, no-fuss fertilizer, containing five different sources of nitrogen for a quick green-up with continued feeding for up to 6 months. Bruce's Brew contains organic elements that put your soil critters to work for a quick release of nitrogen making this cost-efficient lawn food perfect for a fast-growth spring pick-me-up, establishing new turf, or year-round maintenance. Bruce's Brew comes in a 40lb bag and covers 5000 sq. feet.

Adds Carbon to feed soil microbes 
Great for new or established turf 
Helps reduce water consumption 
Feeds lawn for up to 6 months 
Increases and sustains beneficial microorganisms 

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Customer Reviews

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This Fertilizer Works!

I used this on my backyard for the first time this spring. I am amazed at how well it has worked. I have the most healthy St. Augustine I have ever had. I have mowed it at 4 inches throughout our hot summer (Houston) and have only had to water it a few times. It has stayed green, healthy and had no problems. I am very impressed with this product!

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