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NutriStar Tree & Shrub

Size: 2 lb. Jar


Plant Food For Trees, Shrubs, and Evergreens featuring Nitrogen (21%), Phosphate (6%), Soluble Potash (8%). It contains five nitrogen sources to ensure constant feeding. The important micronutrients allow plants to active maximum health. NutriStar Tree and Shrub has an excellent source of nutrients and minerals for in-ground and container-grown trees, shrubs, and evergreens including but not limited to Oak, Willow, Ash, Maple, Pine, Mulberry, Yaupon, Oleander, Viburnum, Boxwood, Cleyera, Spirea, Ground Covers, Hollies, Nandina, Loropetalumns. It helps promote more beautiful and lash-green foliage growth due to balanced nutrition. NutriStar works with the soil and the soil biology to provide your plants with the best nutrition at the right time and in the right amount. Your plant gets an immediate boost upon application, coupled with lasting benefits that continue to feed.

Two sources of Iron 
Five sources of slow-release Nitrogen
Increased Calcium boosts trunk size and strength
Feeds for 3 to 4 months 

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