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NutriStar Hibiscus

size: 2 lb. Jar


Nelson Hibiscus and Flowering Tropicals Plants Food featuring (NPK) Nitrogen (10%), Phosphate (4%), Soluble Potash K20 (12%). The NutriStar Hibiscus fertilizer is a granular fertilizer that is perfect for all flowering tropical plants. This fertilizer can be used on all flowering tropical plants including althea, confederate rose, Ixora, mallow hibiscus, rose of Sharon, TX sage hibiscus, and tropical hibiscus. Our slow-release nitrogen formula allows for feeding only once a month! Our slow-release granules allow for extended feeding and easy application. Feed hanging, potted, and grounded plants. This balanced formula just made owning tropical plants a lot easier. This is the best fertilizer for hibiscus plants that can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants. Adding calcium, iron, and magnesium helps improve cell structure, promote healthy roots and shoots, and aid in chlorophyll generation. Our formula also contains cottonseed meal which contributes to the oxygenation of soil and moisture retention. NutriStar works with the soil and the soil biology to provide your flowering tropicals with the best nutrition at the right time and in the right amount. Plants get an immediate boost upon application, coupled with lasting benefits that continue to feed.

Five sources of Nitrogen 
Two Potassium sources 
High-Potassium formula for plant health and bloom production 
Multiple acidifying sources 
Contains 13% cottonseed meal 
Can be used on all flowering tropicals 

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Customer Reviews

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Paula Castaneda
It works!

My hibiscus plant had yellowing leaves and was no longer flowering. I used this on it and two weeks later, it started to grow flowers and beautiful green leaves again. It is my first time owning a hibiscus plant and I am very satisfied with this product!

Prem Maharaj

I have used this product just once about two weeks ago on my hibiscus trees and they are looking beautiful. They look much healthier and greener now. I would recommend this fertilizer to anyone. THIS PRODUCT IS AWSOME.

Sylvain Lampron

NutriStar Hibiscus

Joseph Napolitano

NutriStar Hibiscus Fertilizer - Outdoor and Indoor Plant Food

Norma Duncan
Bloom Power

If you like color & longer lasting blooms, then this is definitely the fertilizer for you for your hibiscus, roses, and azaleas. Nelsons gives good information on the label and let you know that these sort of fertilizer good for many other blooming plants.

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