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ColorStar Plus


Originally designed for landscapers planting pansies in Houston, ColorStar Plus has become a favorite for professionals and home gardeners alike. ColorStar Plus is designed to grow flowers to their full potential. It can be used on your favorite annuals or perennials. ColorStar Plus has added fungicide to help with soil-borne diseases. 

Where to use:

Including but not limited to: Pansies, Vinca, Begonias, Snapdragons, Calendulas, Marigolds, Stocks, Salvia, Torenia, Impatiens, Pinks (Dianthus), Violas, Zinnia, Petunias, Geraniums, Salvias, Daisies, Mums, Begonias, Lantanas, Rudbeckia, Coneflower, Yarrow, Hosta, Gerbera, Rosemary, Ruellia, Mexican Heather, Daylily, Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Amaryllis, Caladiums, Elephant Ears, Iris, Rain Lily, Agapanthus, Roses, Hawthorns,  Oleanders, Hibiscus, English Dogwood, Viburnums, Butterfly Shrubs

Tech Sheet 

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Victoria Lange
Color Star for pansies

This was recommended by a landscape manager for use on my pansies. Have had excellent results!!!

John Ward
Color star

I have been using Nelson’s color star on my color (begonia, marigolds, alyssum, angelonia, etc) for several years with excellent results. My landscaper uses when he plants in the spring, and I feed once a month. It’s December here and the color is still vibrant.

andy walsh
Color Star is the big winner!!!

I started using color star recommendation Carmen Johnston in Columbus, Georgia. Colors ⭐️really helps my annuals, hydrangeas, and azaleas bloom!! Color star deserves a five star rating.

Adele Croft

Flowers are blooming - grateful for such a wonderful product!

Pamela Parsons

Got here quickly. Super fertilizer! A small tear in the bag but not very much had come out.

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