Homeowner Products

Because we serve such a wide array of markets – from homeowners to commercial growers and everything in between – our product packaging varies greatly – from 1 lb. bags to 2,000 lb bags. 

The one thing that always stays the same is the quality of our products and services.

We use the same high quality ingredients in our retail plant and turf food as we use for professional landscapers and commercial growers, and we take the same great care and pride in blending, packaging and delivering first-rate products and service to every customer, big or small.



ColorStar is formulated to achieve the highest visual impact possible for all blooming plants with results you can see in  one use.



Plant specific products  that release targeted macro and micro nutrients required for various plant types         to thrive.



 Because no two lawns are alike, our team of horticultural experts has developed a line of turf products packed with high quality ingredients.



Stay tuned for our innovative line of organic fertilizers, releasing in Spring of 2022!