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NutriStar Hibiscus Fertilizer - Outdoor and Indoor Plant Food

size: 2 lb. Jar


About NutriStar Hibiscus

The NutriStar Hibiscus fertilizer is a granular fertilizer that is perfect for all flowering tropical plants. This fertilizer can be used on all flowering tropical plants including althea, confederate rose, ixora, mallow hibiscus, rose of sharon, TX sage hibiscus, and tropical hibiscus. Our slow release nitrogen formula allows for feeding only once a month! Our slow release granules allow for extended feeding and easy application. Feed hanging, potted, and grounded plants.

For All Tropical Plants

This balanced formula just made owning tropical plants a lot easier. This is the best fertilizer for hibiscus plants that can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants. With added calcium, iron, and magnesium aids, improve cell structure, promote healthy roots and shoots, and aid in the continual generation of chlorophyll. Our formula also contains cottonseed meal which contributes to the oxygenation of soil and moisture retention.

Tech Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Fast shipping

Item arrived quickly and as advertised.Not sure of quality yet, only had it on the ground for a week.Recommend seller, thank you

Anita Forfang
Other plants

I used it on a recent planting of a Hibiscus plant. I was really hoping that I could use it on some of my other plants. I sent an email asking the company if that was possible, they never responded to my inquiry.

Sandy L
Works as advertised

Within days of applying, my hibiscus is blooming. Very happy!

Kindle Customer
Great value and easy to use.

It is too early to see growth and blooms. I like the convenience using the Nelson Plant Food and I am convinced my hibiscus will flourish.

Works very well

My hibiscus tree had very few leaves. Since I started giving this plant food, the leaves came back and they are healthy and dark green. I am very satisfied the result.

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