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NutriStar Vegetable Garden

Size: 2 lb


Vegetable and Garden Food featuring (NPK) Nitrogen (10%), Phosphate (12%), and Soluble Potash (9%) with added high Calcium (2.3%). High calcium promotes healthier blooms, while high phosphorous and trace elements such as iron and magnesium ensure higher yields and blooms with overall plant health and performance. Immediate available multiple sources of nitrogen help new plants to get started while micronutrients ensure that all other nutrients are utilized effectively. Grow the biggest, healthiest plants possible so that your garden produce will be plentiful for you and your family. Multi-purpose and slow-release plant food for all indoor and outdoor edible vegetables and herbs including but not limited to Beans, Beets, Berries, Cabbages, Cantaloupes, Corn, Cucumbers, Herbs, Radishes, Squash, Tomatoes, Watermelons. Well-balanced nutrients promote root and stem growth. Use for all containers, hanging baskets, and in-ground plants. Topdress or incorporate into the soil when planting new or feeding established plants. Apply at planting time and then monthly during the growing season. NutriStar works with the soil and the soil biology to provide your garden plants with the best nutrition at the right time and in the right amount. Your plants get an immediate boost upon application, coupled with lasting benefits that continue to feed. Apply every 30 days during the growing season. See the product’s label for the recommended rate of applications.

Multiple sources of Nitrogen: quick-acting and slow-release 
High phosphorous for higher yields 
Nutrients for heavy-feeding vegetables 
Feeds for 2 months 
Enhances size, quality, and flavor of all types of vegetables 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
GREAT fertilizer

This is the only brand of fertilizer I use. I started with the flowering fertilizer and it never disappoints.

Best Fertilizer

I have used this brand for years. Excellent quality and terrific plant response.

Janet Poor
This is great stuff!!!

My garden is very thankful & doing just fine!!!

Steven Braine
Great fertilizer

What I did not like is that I could have purchased 15 lbs for just a few dollars more but the shipping would have killed me because 15 lbs is not covered under prime

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