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NutriStar Rose

Size: 2 lb. Jar


Plant Food For All Roses featuring (NPK) Nitrogen (18%), Phosphate (14%), Soluble Potash (10%). It contains four sources of nitrogen and potassium to promote lush foliage, strong stems, and large, colorful blooms. NutriStar Rose is an excellent source of nutrients and minerals for in-ground and container-growing roses including, but not limited to: Tea Roses, Antique Roses, Floribunda, Climbing Roses, Knockout Roses, Grandiflora Roses, Miniature Roses, and Rose Banksias. It helps roses to improve tolerance to dry weather conditions, in addition to promoting heavy flowering while increasing the size and strength of the plant. Apply every 2 weeks at the beginning of spring and then every 60 days during the growing season. NutriStar works with the soil and the soil biology to provide your flowering roses with the best nutrition at the right time and in the right amount. Plants get an immediate boost upon application, coupled with lasting benefits that continue to feed.

Promotes early Spring blooms 
Produces big, beautiful flowers 
Promotes lush foliage and strong stems 
Contains bone meal 
Feeds for 3 months 
High Magnesium formulation 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Marlon Novosad
Great service

Great service

Kyle Larson
Good food

Ordered this plant food for my fried. The roses love it

Karen Barron
Excellent Products

Love all your products!

Norma Duncan
The Good & Local Stuff

Purchased on recommendation of Randy Lemmons. Rose, Hibiscus, and Azaleas fertilizer. Easy to use with clear instructions. Wanted longer more intense blooms.

Leanna Mueller
It works!

Plants respond to fertilizing

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