Landscaper Products

Professional Turf Blends

A custom blended turf fertilizer is a product that is formulated to meet the specific needs of the turfgrass. After testing soil and water, our nutrient advisors create just the right recipe for plant and turf success. We listen, we create, we blend and you save! Contact us today to get started on your own custom blend.

Color, Tree / Shrub & Ornamental Blends

Our custom blends for color, tree/shrub & ornamentals provide precise nutrition, eliminating the possibility of over-blending and over-spending on plant food. Our custom blends are packed with high-quality nutrients for superior performance! Contact us today to get started on your own custom blend.

Pre-Formulated Blends

We understand that some clients just want green grass. No fuss, no technical details, just lush, green, beautiful grass. Our pre-formulated turf fertilizers are our “go-to” blends that are built to enhance turfgrass performance. We use the same approach and high-quality raw materials to build these fertilizers as we do for custom blends. These blends are thoughtfully scripted using quality ingredients that are paired appropriately for the best results possible.

ColorStar / ColorStar Plus

ColorStar and ColorStar Plus (with fungicide) make fertilizing a breeze. Easy to apply and all-purpose for any flowering plant, ColorStar saves time, money and labor, making it the landscapers’ choice since 1983. Click below to learn more about ColorStar.

Plant-specific food for when you need just the right nutrients for an individual plant or plant type. Click below to learn more about NutriStar products.

Chemical Blends

Our Chemical Blends are formulated to address repeat offenders, such as weeds, insects and turf disease. Whether you have  ants, chinch bugs, mole crickets, fungus or a variety of weeds, we have turf blends that will target these issues, saving you time, labor and money. 

18-2-6 w/ Prodiamine 

Installation / Transplant

Transplant Rx
Made with Bio Char and Humates and packed with Micronutrients, Mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria, Transplant Rx is an installer’s dream. Transform your transplants with Transplant Rx.
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